Eugenio Gibertini Comunicazione Fotografica

Image production is finalized to visual communication covering all main aspects with special focus on advertising photography.
The company has two photographic studios, respectively located in Rome and Jesi (AN), each one supplied with a complete set of professional photographic equipment.
Two studios allow the company for a wider range of operation and higher flexibility. Locations in foreign countries are frequently organized.
When required by the type of commitment, Gibertini Comunicazione Fotografica collaborates with professionals having expertise in different fields of image production, video and communication.


- ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN, Roma: diploma advertising photography.

- ASUC BERKELEY UNIVERSITY, San Francisco California: diploma in commercial photography and dark room.
- SINAR, workshop for the view camera with the staff assistance of the Sinar AG Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
- ADOBE, advanced Photoshop workshop in photo retouching.
- TAU VISUAL, professional level recognized and certificated: 5 ½ (max 7).


Advertising agencies, graphic design studios, designer, stylist, architects, magazine publishers, editorials, television broadcasting, cinema, companies, public institutions, hotels.

Gruppo Ariston, MTS Merloni Termosanitari, Gruppo Indesit, Guzzini, Garofoli, Laminox, Nero Giardini, Gruppo Parmalat, Gruppo VeGe’, Supermercati Sidis, Crai, Sosty, SMA, Gruppo Rinascente, Auchan, Simply, Fileni, Peavey chitarre, Parker chitarre, Farfisa videocitofoni, Chanel, Lebole, calzature Melania, Mirella, Armani Junior, Simonetta, Daiana Incentive, Club Vacanze, CTS, Sixtus, King Plast, Eliss Kitchenware, Cariplo, Banca delle Marche, Regione Marche, Gruppo BMW, Korg Italy, Gabetti Immobiliare, Bulgari orologi, Consorzio Prosciutto di Parma.


Vogue, Vogue Pelle, Glamour, Donna Moderna, MarieClaire, Arpel, Italy Italy, Ulisse, Civiltà del bere, L’Enologo, Slow food, Wines, Kitchen, Panorama, Espresso.